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General terms for home use of ETH software

Home use of ETH licensed software by staff of ETH Zurich or research institutes of the ETH domain requires at least a 50% part-time position. Note: License contracts differentiate between ETH staff, staff of research institutes and students. Different terms may apply to those three user groups.

Some contracts grant users the right to install the software on their private computer at home for ETH work use. A home installation requires the existence of an installed license on your work computer paid for by the institute. Users do not privately acquire the software. It is mandatory to uninstall the software from your private computer and delete all copies when leaving ETH employment or if directed to do so when the license runs out.

The software may not be used commercially. It is not permitted for the license to be used by another person if the same license is in use on the office computer at the same time. Transferring the license to a third party is absolutely prohibited. ICT Services my direct the user to uninstall the software and discontinue use at any time without further explanation.

Please refer to the Home Use Document for detailed information on home use of ETH Software.

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